5 Cups of Coffee + 1

Just like any other Thursdays, that day was our ritual to go somewhere, whether it was to brainstorm, take some photos on another trending spot, seek inspiration, or simply chillax.

It rained on the streets, cooling down the city that Thursday. What was not better than a cup of coffee during that time? So we paid a visit to a coffee shop at Trunojoyo, CUPS Coffee and Kitchen. Well, we all must agree that sharing ideas and inside jokes needs to be done over a cup of coffee, right?

As soon as we stepped inside CUPS, that coffee shop vibes was around us and we knew it was all we needed in a rainy day. It was quite wide for a coffee shop. What made it unique was the green house concept. The decoration of the whole room was dominated by wood and shades of grey from the cemented wall. There was also this one side of the wall adorned by garden plants and small vases that made the coffee shop even more lively.

We chose to sit near the entrance despite of the rain. Gusts of wind that the rain carried felt bone-chilling yet also made it cozier to share stories with the new member of the team. Yup, this time there were not only 5 of us, but 6! That only meant one thing: more ideas coming to create new pieces of art in the house really soon. You?d better sit back and watch as you don?t want to miss it.

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