7 Mandatory Traveller Applications

You may be accustomed to using several applications found on your cellphone, to help with daily activities. Like using Waze to show directions to a place, or using the Zomato app to provide lunch options. However, if in the near future you are planning a trip, here are 7 applications that are ready to accompany you traveling and provide convenience, especially if you are traveling abroad.

1. Entrain
When going on vacation abroad, jet lag is the most annoying thing, of course. Because your sleeping hours are messed up and your body finds it difficult to adapt. This application helps us to calculate how the best adaptation process for the biological sleep clock after a flight of more than 5 hours. So that we don’t have to go through the first days of vacation while nodding off.

2. Hotel Tonight
Even though you have booked a hotel in advance, sometimes your vacation plans change suddenly either because you miss your flight or suddenly have to stay in a city that was not included in the initial itinerary. With the Hotel Tonight app, you can get low prices for hotels that you even just booked one minute before checking in. This application also has an Escape feature which displays the best hotel deals to use that night.

3. CityMaps2Go
Sometimes when traveling we have difficulty accessing the internet, especially if we visit a country that deliberately turns off roaming data. But with the CityMaps2Go app, you can download maps and access them offline. Not only that, but we can also mark the places we want to visit by using the Pin It feature and even look at the subway map so that we know which train we should choose to reach our destination.

4. Tripomatic
If you are a person who is detailed and organized when determining an itinerary, the Tripomatic application will become your favorite application when traveling. Simply by selecting a destination city and determining how many days you will have a vacation there, this application will compile a complete list of place options that can be visited along with tips and information about that place. This application can also arrange travel routes by determining the order in which places should be visited first.

5. Flight Track
This application helps us know which terminal we have to check-in and at what gate we will board. The Flight Track application notifies us if the plane you are traveling on is delayed and provides a map of the airport terminal so that we don’t get lost if we are in transit at another airport.

6. Trip It
When traveling, of course, there are many proofs of booking confirmation that we have to bring, such as tickets, boarding passes, and hotel bookings. With this application, you can save and collect all proof of booking confirmation. If our email is connected to this application, Trip It will automatically save all booking confirmations and we only need to show the proof via cellphone or gadget.

7. Travel List
The Travelist application helps us to list what items need to be brought when traveling to avoid items that are left behind.

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