A Day In Google

Who doesn’t know the giant technology companies called Google? In this millennial era, everyone accesses the internet and takes advantage of the many features offered by Google every day. Starting from Google Search, Google Maps, Google Play, and other features. We are no exception.

As a local brand that actively uses Google Adwords and Google Display Network feature, some time ago we were invited and had the opportunity to visit the Google Indonesia office which is located at Gedung Sentral Senayan II, Senayan, Jakarta.

It’s not Google if the office doesn’t have a unique design that reflects the creativity of its workers. So, what is unique about the Google Indonesia office? In fact, Indonesian nuances are present in every corner of this office. The unique thing is that their meeting rooms are given different and eccentric names such as ‘Gudang Rezeki’, ‘Pangkalan Ojek’, ‘Gelora Asmara’, and even their canteen is called ‘Warung Mbah Google’.

Not only limited to just visiting, but our visit at Google’s office itself also intends to take part in a workshop they hold on the topic of Ad Lab: Exploring & Mastering Search and Mobile. In this workshop, we and several other brands and startups were invited to share information about Google products and exchange experiences in using these features to support digital marketing activities. The fun doesn’t stop there. In the next session, we conducted a Group Discussion Forum to share perspectives on Google products in the world of digital marketing, one of which is Google Adwords and the Google Display Network.

If asked what benefits have been gained from this workshop, of course, it is not counted. Moreover, we were given the opportunity to meet people who are experts in their fields, especially digital marketing. We hope to come back there soon!

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