5 Style ideas with MATOA Ranging from Dress Up and Dress Down

Making choices on everyday or formal styles often takes a long time. Between wanting to look stylish or comfortable all day, that’s a difficult choice. Especially when faced with a wide selection of complementary accessories. When the MATOA watch choices are final, now is the turn of the outfit. Take a peek at the 5 leaks of the following styles so that your OOTD mix and your watch don’t turn into a fashion disaster.

Work Hard. Style Harder.

Men :
Looking stylish from head to toe will not make you a metrosexual man, really. Even paying attention to appearance has now become a trend among men. You can start by taking your old striped t-shirt from the wardrobe and pairing it with a jeans shirt. To keep it urban, choose white trousers and suede shoes. Do not miss the MATOA Gili watch as a compliment that has an exclusive but relaxed character.

Women :
Chasing deadlines often make you lazy to dress up to the office. Even though there is only one trick to look neat: a blazer. Wear a blazer with a neutral t-shirt and patterned trousers such as stripes or floral so that it is not too plain. The mainstay sling bag can also be a weapon to look minimalist and stay neat. For watches, MATOA Mori is the right choice because its small design doesn’t overdo your appearance.

Hang Out and Chill

Men :
For those of you who tend to like a relaxed style, jogger pants are your best friend. Mix and match is not a hassle, just a matching plain t-shirt, and bomber jacket. A bomber model with lots of details or a long bomber, according to your character. For the shoes, of course, the favorite sneakers that are now hit. Finally, take MATOA Sumba to accompany your relaxing look all day long.

Women :
It is not surprising that T-shirt dresses are now a favorite fashion item for women to go to the mall. Besides being comfortable to wear, this T-shirt dress is also easy to match with other accessories such as scarves. In order for shopping or just hanging out in a café with a gang of friends to feel more relaxed, there’s nothing wrong with choosing strappy sandals or sandals that have lots of straps to wrap around your calves. For accessories, pair a unique bobble bracelet with MATOA Moyo on your wrist.

Classy and Sassy

Men :
Nowadays suits for formal events have been abandoned by men. Instead, they chose a relaxed but neat style by wearing blazers and chinos. White shirts are also not forgotten as the main fashion item to look elegant. In fact, loafers have been abandoned and replaced with white sneakers to make them look dandy. Still less exclusive? MATOA Alor could be the solution.

Women :
Wearing a long dress to a wedding may be bored, huh. How about a slit skirt? This long skirt with details like cut out is perfect for wearing at dinner as long as it’s paired with the right top. Sleeveless blouse, for example. Go for nude pink as it goes well with any skin tone. MATOA Sunda can be the perfect accessory for this outfit color.

Now, you don’t have to spend a lot of time in front of the wardrobe to choose the right clothes, do you?

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