A Short Trip to Surabaya

That morning we got ready and packed all our needs to go to the city of Surabaya, we started our journey from Husein Sastranegara Airport. The purpose of this trip is actually to visit one of our newest stockiest, Sir Store. However, of course, we didn’t waste this moment exploring some interesting places in Surabaya that not only satisfy the eye but also fill our stomachs.

The hot sun immediately greeted us as soon as we arrived in the city of heroes, we went straight to the hotel to relax for a moment. The hours passed, the sun was beginning to set and we could already hear a rumbling sound from our stomachs. Immediately we rushed to tidy ourselves up to one of the most famous culinary spots in Surabaya, namely Nasi Cumi Waspada. Previously, this place could only be visited in the middle of the night, but now anyone can enjoy this culinary 24 hours non-stop. The most recommended food in this place is Komplit Cumi Rice, and the best part of this culinary is of course the soft and savory black ink squid.

After enjoying the typical Surabaya culinary delights and our stomachs filled with energy again, we decided to take a leisurely walk on Jl. Gula, one of the streets that are quite famous for its views of old buildings from Belgium and China. Unfortunately at that time, we visited at night, so there weren’t many spots that we could explore. Those old buildings used to be tobacco buildings which are now out of use. But for those of you who have a hobby of photography, we make sure the views on this road will satisfy your lens eye.

We also continued our exploration towards Jembatan Merah, this bridge is a witness to the history of the heroic battle on November 10, 1945, in Surabaya. The area around this place was formerly divided into regions, for the western part it was designated as a residential and trading area for Europeans, while the eastern part became a residential area for Chinese, Arabs, and Malays. However, in the modern era, this bridge serves as the densest trade center in Surabaya.

It was already night, and the streets of Surabaya were quite deserted, but we were reluctant to rush back to the hotel and still wanted to enjoy the night atmosphere of the city of Surabaya. We also walked to Eclectic Too Bar & Pub which is right in Surabaya Town Square to enjoy a glass of beer. For those of you beer and wine lovers, this place is quite recommended, you can enjoy a variety of beer and wine from both local and international, besides that you can also enjoy a variety of snacks and pizzas in this place.

The sun rises to wake us up, today is our last day in the city of Surabaya. Before heading to Juanda International Airport, we also stopped briefly at Pasar Genteng to buy some souvenirs, it is located in the center of Surabaya, especially on Jl. Genteng Kali Surabaya makes this place easy to find by anyone. Once satisfied shopping, we headed straight to our main destination, namely Sir Store. This concept store is located at terminal 2 departure from Juanda International Airport, in this concept store you can find products? fashion products from head to toe from various brands, one of which is Matoa Indonesia, so for those of you who may live or have a vacation in the city of Surabaya, please visit the Sir Store to get our collection.

Time has shown that it is time for us to return to our home, the city of Bandung. Even though the trip we took was only two days, this trip was enough to provide a little freshness and an exciting experience. Maybe next time we can explore more of this city, see you next time Surabaya!

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