Yura Yunita

A Collaboration With Yura Yunita In The Heart Of Japan

As a Breakout Artist of the Year, Yura Yunita proves us all that her music deserves an appreciation to the entertainment world. It is no surprise that she has a lot of fans that constantly support her, including us. The reason why we are keen to support Yura and many other artists is because we believe that MATOA and local artists share the same vision: to value art in every creation.

Recently, Yura has launched new single entitled Intuisi along with its music video. It all started on one night in Kyoto, where she wrote the song that was inspired from her personal experience and by all means her intuition. This is how she comes up with an idea that the shooting should take place in Japan, a place where it all happened and the story remains.

Featuring a minimalist arrangement of piano and string, and Japanese tradition that is portrayed in the video, Yura wholeheartedly enchants us with her vocal timbre. Every thought that Yura intends to express can be felt by every loving soul as she sings and acts with Reza Rahadian. Through MATOA Mori and Sunda that are wrapped around Yura and Reza’s arms, we would like to bring the philosophy of these two watches to the world. Mori, with its feminine character suits Yura’s very well. Meanwhile, Sunda that holds cultural values, is one perfect watch that we believe is well-balanced with Japanese tradition.

This song has inspired us to keep on supporting Yura and her artworks. Not only Yura, we hope we will be able to appreciate many other local artists as well. Hope this one will inspire you to treasure what our local artists have. Enjoy the video here:

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