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A Desert Adventure

by Putri Anindya


The sand was flirting with the light. They looked like a perfect couple on that 'pm'. The wind came between them. He took the sand to a dance floor, turned her into something new. A gorgeous texture and shape of the sand.


Our classic Landy crossed the dunes. It left a cool mark on the sand. Lines of the tires, those gave the desert so much more characters. Suddenly, I felt like in a Starwars universe. It does look like Jakku, a desert planet in that legendary movie.


Before we drove through the desert, the driver told us to wear bedouin head cover. Bedouin used to be a nomad people who wander around desert, before the skyscrappers in Dubai was built. It was like coming back with a time machine.

On the way, Me and some friends took a lot of photos. Of course, it was such a picturesque place. It was photogenic because we saw it from a land rover without roof.


From far away there was Oryx herd. They were eating the food on a tree. They have beautiful colors that looked really contrast with the desert.


The sunset was chasing us. The light shaped the desert to a new form, side by side with the shadows. While the sun was coming down, the desert blushed into a red-ish color. My eyes were so happy that time. It was a beautiful show from the earth.

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