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Flying Through The Desert

by Putri Anindya



In a vertical state of mind, my head isn't right. My brain pushed me with ideas, new and the abandoned ones. In a vertical perspective, my heart is right. Seeing desert textures in silence was filled my heart with joy.


''Take the hot air balloon, it will be unforgettable,'' said a friend of mine who went to Dubai before. After explored the city, I kind of want to see the suburb of Dubai. It means we have to drive a couple of hour outside the city.

In the super early morning, my wish came true. In the car, I saw a giant colorful balloon arose from a far. ''This will be it!'' I thought.

Full of excitements, I jumped out from the van. It was dawn and the mighty sun that will roast the desert hasn't come up. A second later, I realized the desert is super cold.


The balloons were ready. I can hear the fire that controls the giant creature. Next thing I know, that sound is in my head while i was enjoying the warmth from the sun that just rose up from the stone mountains.


The beauty of sunrise filled my heart. My eyes captured thousand frames. First time in a hot air balloon, and it was a beautiful one.

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