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Smell of an old car and the heat makes me kinda uncomfortable. It’s all traffic, that’s what I thought. Suddenly the old man in front of me pointed out his finger, “lady, look at the Dubai skyline over there.” At first I was confused because this taxi driver’s english wasn’t really good but then I saw what he meant. Next thing I know I felt like I’m in the Star Trek movie scene.

Future Past of Dubai

by Putri Anindya



The high skyscrappers welcomed me in Dubai. I remember saw this city in several documentaries but I never imagine seeing it myself.

Suddenly I feel so small under these buildings.

After 8 hours flight from Indonesia to their super huge airport, I had a dinner at Dubai’s highest restaurant, At.Mosphere. This restaurant located on the 122nd floor in Burj Khalifa, a super modern yet beautiful skyscrapper.

This building was magically shining in that afternoon. From the restaurant, you can see how amazing Dubai is, a futuristic city in the middle of vast desert of middle east.


The further I explored this city, the more I know that Dubai isn’t all about modern buildings. With a futuristic metro, I went to the old town of Dubai and got to feel Dubai vibes in the past.


Slight smell of fish market, sun kissed old souqs, and pretty little boat called Abra that took me around the city through Dubai Creek. Feel so peaceful in the middle of this busy place.

future-dubai-10 future-dubai-11 future-dubai-12

The boats row perfectly, people walked around, some of them were enjoying their sunset shisha at Dubai Marina.


This area is another gem and tourist attraction in Dubai. I chose to sat down in a cozy cafe, warming myself close to a fireplace.

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