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Surreal land of Gili Lawa

by Putri Anindya


“Let’s jump!,” said Jaka to the other friends in our Flores trip that day. Five seconds later he jumped and the splash sound invited me and others to feel the warm water in Gili Lawa, a beautiful island in Komodo National Park, Indonesia.

The turqoise water was so inviting but I decided to hike the hill of that small island. “ It doesn’t look so hard,” I thought. Then I changed my mind as soon as I hiked the hill because actually it was pretty steep with 38 degrees in dry season.


We were on a small group because other friends decided to snorkel first then hiked. Since i’m a fan of photography, I prefer hiked the hill first to take some photos. Every step I took, I can’t help myself to look back to the sea because it looks so damn pretty from up here. 15 minutes hiked, I already took dozens of pictures.

After 10 minutes of struggle to hike that steep hill, we finally arrived at the top. Surprisingly, the view was something I never imagine before. I mean, I saw a lot of pictures of this place before but seeing it through my own eyes is just incredible. It was too good to be true. Gold grass blends with the turquoise crystal clear water. We even could see the corals!

Gili Lawa has so many characters. One of them is the bizzare shape of the island. The others soon reached the top too and we listened some beautiful song with my portable speaker while the sun set. It was such a perfect day!

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