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A bucket list, Milford Sound

by Putri Anindya



“We landed safely,” said the pilot to me and other four passengers on that Cessna plane. As soon as I stepped outside, I almost can’t handle the cold on that pretty sunny day in Milford Sound. Thankfully I wore my warm jacket that morning.


Located at the southern hemisphere of New Zealand, this place is inside people’s bucket list, including mine. The high hills and mountains shaped like pyramid welcomed us on that pretty little airport.

To enjoy the beauty of Milford Sound, we had to take the boat from the harbour through the Milford Sound, to the sea of Tasman.


The boat is pretty big and can take 30 passenger or less in one tour. It took us close to the waterfalls, and the most special one, the big dolphins who were swimming and following the boat. I was laughing because of the passengers reaction and made the boat tilt to the right. Me and other people were so excited to see the dolphins so close.


As a solo traveler there, I was so happy to meet some new friends who are traveling solo as well. “I bought a van and drove from the north to the south. Never travel this far in my life, I feel so alive here,” said Martin from Germany. He’s one of the friend that I made in Milford Sound boat.


When I close my eyes, I still can almost see the beauty of lights that touched the surreal land of Milford Sound. I feel so blessed.

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