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A Slight of Sunda

by Putri Anindya



It was 6.30 in the morning, S(m)unda from Tigapagi was playing through my earphone beautifully. Somehow it’s just felt right listen to it while road tripping, especially on this west part of Java. The green scenery seduced me at the speed but I can barely see it. Then we stopped our scooters, just to wave at them and say, 'Good morning, Sunda!'

The curvy road led us to Kampung Naga, a cultural village that located at Tasikmalaya, West Java. As we parked, an old man with black clothes said, 'Welcome to Kampung Naga'. Our journey to Kampung Naga just started.


We were surprised by the beauty of more or less 500 staircases that took us down to the village. Sun shined on us as we stepped our feet down. A minute later, beautiful traditional houses of Kampung Naga emerged in the middle of green paddy fields. It was a gorgeous sight.

The sound of people pounding rice echoes in that calm morning. At their sweaty face, a smile formed to us. We tried a bit how to pound the rice on a traditional Lesung that made from wood. Honestly, It was not as easy as it looks. Pretty exhausting!

The soil path led us to the houses bit closer. There are 110 houses and 3 public building that formed this place into a sacred village. Also, there are 304 people that live in Kampung Naga by now.


Kampung Naga has a lot of traditions. Darmawan, a middle age man that lived here, said that the cultures and traditions come from their ancestors, long time ago. Unfortunately, they don’t know history of their ancestors because all of the stories about Kampung Naga is in the book which was burned in 1956. “There was a war and everything was burned,” said Darmawan.

Talking about the thick tradition in Kampung Naga, Darmawan explained to us, “I was born here, in Sunda. as their next generation, I shall follow my ancestors’ way of life,” said him as he blew his cigarette’s smoke. It’s nice to hear someone that really proud of his culture.

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