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Wanaka a Piece of Paradise on Earth

by Putri Anindya



The wind touched her face as she softly stared at the crystal clear lake that afternoon. She stood still then suddenly sat on the log of wood under the willow tree. It was a perfect summer afternoon in Wanaka, “ a little bit of paradise,” that’s what people said.

A bright sunny day, birds chirping around, lakefront full of willow tree and glacier mountains as the highlight, sums up a lil bit of Wanaka beauty in summer. My watch always reminds me how big the difference between my hometown, Indonesia, and New Zealand. Sometimes it’s hard to think that the sun set at 9pm.


This little town is an hour drive from Queenstown, where the airplane lands from other cities and countries. Wanaka maybe small yet it has a super wide range of Southern alps and Mt Aspiring national park as its backyard. That is why so many people in love with Wanaka and decided to live here even though the living cost is pretty high.


I don’t really care about being rich as long as I have these as my backyard,” said Chris, the guide in Eco Wanaka Adventures. He moved to Wanaka from Dunedin to pursue his passion in nature.


The two of Wanaka best thing are Mt Aspiring and Matukituki river. Since the first time I watched Lord of The Rings, I always imagined my self running around on those gold fields full of tussocks. Then I did run around on the field of gold near the Matukituki River with the background of Mt Aspiring where they took some scenes for Lord of The Rings.

I can’t decide which one is the best thing that I did in Wanaka since all of the adventures that I had here were beyond my expectation. Flew above Mt Aspiring, took a jet boat on Matukituki River, visited Hobbit Forrest, flew to Roys Peak, and played around with New Zealand’s sheeps and deers. Those adventures felt like a dream to me.

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