Born from the grace and courage of women, Elora herself comes from the Greek word which means “Light from Heaven”, we believe that there is toughness in her from every role

The concept of an ‘Ideal’ role has become a common measure of the choice of which role to take. But what kind of ideal concept should we live by when everyone has their own ideal form that feels good about their role in society?


The concept of their own “Ideal” role for each gender makes the space for our self-exploration narrower, for there is a fear that their chosen path may cause comment. We, or even more so, women, have to start neutralizing social stigma rather than internalizing it, and don’t let it define us.

With this we want to appreciate all the roles that women have determined in their lives, because we realize that there is no difference in every role, whether the woman is a housewife or a career woman, each role has its own value.


MATOA Elora arrived as a breakthrough in our history, for the first time we used the raw material for leather which was applied to this watch strap. Equipped with Dome Sapphire Coated K-1 Glass which has an anti-reflection, anti-fingerprint and anti-scratch coating and also maximizes the innovation of a watch with a superluminova orange finish that will work in dark situations, MATOA Elora is the result of exploring ideas. creative and aesthetic in the design of a watch while still capturing elements of culture and innovation.


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