Along our 7 years journey, our way of thinking has developed from time to time.

A creation of youth collaborating culture, creativity and technology which created an environment-friendly timepiece that endlessly inspires.

Breaking the impossibilities into opportunities, MATOA successfully transformed wood waste into authentic and revolutionary pieces that enhance the character of diverse individuals.



Each timepiece has distinctive color and texture of wood. Along with frequent usage and time, a natural process of wood aging will occur. Therefore, the wood color will change and adapt personally to its wearer.



Radiant and mild, the unique presence with luxurious touch leads MATOA to be a preferred essential by the youth and gives a sense of confidence to its wearer.



Inspired by the beauty of Indonesia, MATOA combines local craftsmanship with latest manufacturing techniques to present aesthetic and timeless elegance through unique philosophical designs.

Now, we present you our new pulse of identity To create valuable future moments.

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