Sumatran Rhino Limited Edition

Indonesia, a country with a million beautiful panoramas in every island. This natural beauty is not only proven through its mountains and beaches, but also its natural preservation area as Way Kambas National Park. Way Kambas National Park is a heaven for rare animals and plants in Indonesia.

The national park which is located in Lampung Province, South Sumatra, Indonesia is saving a number of animals that are almost extinct especially Sumatran Rhino. This national park has the Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary (SRS) as a conversation effort. To preserve the endangered Sumatran Rhinos, we create our latest collection named MATOA WAY KAMBAS – SUMATRAN RHINO LIMITED EDITION.

MATOA Way Kambas – Sumatran Rhino Limited Edition is dedicated to Sumatran Rhino. Sumatran Rhino is the smallest species amongst 5 species of rhino in the world who has a reddish-brown skin and covered with short bristly hair. The beauty of the horns of Sumatran Rhinos has become a nightmare for them. They are hunted, and their horns are taken for human greed. This poaching has caused the Sumatran Rhino population to decrease, which is further complicated due to its slow breeding. The females only mate every every three to five years and their pregnancies last 16 months. This species is commonly found in Sumatra, especially Way Kambas, Bukit Barisan Selatan, and Gunung Leuseur National Park where there are fewer than 100 individuals.

Sumatran Rhino is called as `Gardeners of the Forest` because it eats more than 100 species of native forest plants, disperses seeds through their habitat and it grows as forest plants. These rhinos are very shy and remain hidden in the wild, so they rarely meet others including humans.

Because these timepieces are based on the Sumatran Rhino, some elements of them are based on the structure of the body and the phenomena that occurs from this animal.

Makassar Ebony : MATOA Way Kambas – Sumatran Rhino Limited Edition uses special Makassar Ebony wood and we made and overlap effect on it`s strap to represent Rhino`s skin. Sumatran Rhino has unique skin fold, the skin is fairly thin about 10-16mm, and is soft and pliable.

This timepiece is made of the highest level of detail. Each side of this timepiece is carved with high focus to create a more realistic curve. It represents the curve of Sumatran Rhino’s body.

For the first time, MATOA comes with Seiko VD78 movement with small second function. A small second hand is above 6 o`clock position. This second hand dial is dedicated to Sumatran Rhino whom every second of its life is so precious because whenever Sumatran Rhino goes, it can be threatened by illegal poaching.

Beside that, this timepiece also has some
elements from the previous collections such as:


The case on this timepieces is made with Height 12.5mm, Width 41.31mm, Length 37mm and Dial Opening 27mm, The glass is equipped with K1 flat glass to increase the enhanced durability on timepieces as scratch resistant and anti fingerprint This timepiece is also equipped with Hand Polish Brass Spacer for a longer usage periods.


In the dial, there are double layer of Makassar Ebony Veneer with 3, 9 & 12 o`clock laser cut brass plate index.


The hour, minute & small second hands on MATOA Way Kambas – Sumatran Rhino is outfited with skeleton hand and brush finished with Gold Matte color. This new design aims at adding a value for this special edition.

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