Thursday Stroll

Garasi Opa

Unless you are not one of those local tourists who like to roam Bandung on weekends, you know what’s appealing from this city. It’s shopping heaven. It’s where you can…

Eugene The Goat

Finding that perfect cup of coffee in Bandung is no longer a trouble since now you can find lots of coffee shops that offer their best cappuccino anywhere you go….

Thursday’s Stroll. Day & Nite Eatery and Grocery

Work-life balance is now something that every individual seeks. It?s a bitter reality that we, as human, has to be tied up in endless works until midnight yet living a…

5 Cups of Coffee + 1

Just like any other Thursdays, that day was our ritual to go somewhere, whether it was to brainstorm, take some photos on another trending spot, seek inspiration, or simply chillax….

Contrast: A Harmonization of Two Diversities

Is there a valid definition of a coffee shop? Is it a place that serves coffee as well as gourmet dinner? Or is it a small space with a few…

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