Contrast: A Harmonization of Two Diversities

Is there a valid definition of a coffee shop? Is it a place that serves coffee as well as gourmet dinner? Or is it a small space with a few chairs? It is indeed a difficult task to depict a place that now becomes everyone’s favorite. But it is by no means surprising that every individual has a different preference for a coffee shop.

Lots of competition have been going on among coffee shops in terms of food and interior design. But Contrast comes to the surface with a very simple concept, not on the environment but rather on the menu and available space. The baristas are ready to serve you a range of coffee, tea, chocolate, and several alternative beverages on offer. If you crave for some sandwich or any kinds of the main course, we are sorry to say but you’re in the wrong place.

There was a slim selection of coffee yet we took a while to decide what to order. Finally, we decided on Americano, Iced Chocolate, and Matcha Latte. On to deciding where to sit. But then again, it was sort of a problem to get the best seat. The area was like a long corridor with industrial design throughout the entire length of it. Unlike the front area, the backyard was completely different with all-naturall vibes produced by several plants on every corner. But don’t expect the waiters to come here as it was a self-service area only.

We could see how the crowd loved it here. Not only visitors, but we also saw lots of coffee snobs as Contrast held a coffee sharing at that moment. It was indeed a pleasure to see a mass of coffee enthusiasts in Bandung gathered in one place. Now that coffee is such a trend, we believe Contrast and other coffee shops in Bandung will be packed with coffee enthusiasts and inspiration seekers like us.

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