Thursday’s Stroll. Day & Nite Eatery and Grocery

Work-life balance is now something that every individual seeks. It?s a bitter reality that we, as human, has to be tied up in endless works until midnight yet living a harmonious life is a necessity. This is not something that can be done in one night. Not to mention how packed our days are with so little budget for a short vacation. But nothing could go wrong in trying to sort out any obstacles.

Balancing life and work is not so hard for us as a creative doer. It is as simple as strolling around a nearby park or a cozy café, then inspirations come in clutch. This week, the place that we decided to visit was Day & Nite Eatery and Grocery. Located at the lush green area of Dago Giri, Day & Nite makes a perfect place to relieve stress.

With tall trees and beautiful and protected birds at this restaurant, chatting about each other?s experiences and fooling around felt effortless especially after having been occupied with our latest tagline and video launch, Matoa: Create Your Time, time of refreshing was what we needed the most at that moment. It was not only a tranquil and natural atmosphere that this restaurant offered, but also an urban lifestyle that could be seen in a stack of shipping containers as decorations. Having been served a plate of fried bananas and tofu in that afternoon, we went on sharing stories and the laughter.

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