Eugene The Goat

Finding that perfect cup of coffee in Bandung is no longer a trouble since now you can find lots of coffee shops that offer their best cappuccino anywhere you go. However, sipping coffee while enjoying the very stunning view of Bandung from up above with cool wind breezing through your hair and lush forest before you, can be quite tricky. Not so many coffee shops can give you that.

So that Thursday, when the sky was pretty clear we decided to pay a visit to a coffee shop located at Bandung highland, Awiligar. That cozy coffee shop was named Eugene The Goat. Being secluded from town centre, Eugene The Goat was the right place for anyone who sought inspiration or needed to see a better view of Bandung that the city hid.

Eugene The Goat itself was a part of Clove Hotel, situated at Jl Awiligar Raya No.2. Given the semi-outdoor place with no wall or barrier, feel free to enjoy your cup of joe and take a bunch of pics for your Instagram feed. Yes, that is what you came for in the first place right? We must admit that we did too. Once you see its  minimalist architecture, you?ll know why it will most likely be your new favorite coffee shop to level up your Instagram game.

After we had iced chocolate and cappuccino ? which were actually kind of good ? we wandered through every corner of Clove Hotel that unsprisingly shared the same concept. It is no wonder if Eugene The Goat will be the next it coffee shop that invites loads of coffee enthusiasts and of course, local tourists who wish to feel secluded from the city.

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