Express your feeling Outside the Comfort Zone

Every human being must have a desire to express themselves. Songs, dances, writings, paintings are all mediums to convey expression and taste. But what makes us all different? What is a significant marker for making others recognize our work as “us”? Is it natural that sometimes we don’t have enough? The questions will always haunt, the mind chasing wild for answers.

Until in the end, doubts were plagued with doubts to work. Works that are close to a sense of self-sufficiency, sometimes only end up for their own consumption, do not dare to be shown to others for fear of misinterpretation and different perceptions of art itself.

However, when all of that happens, it is important for us to always have a strong sense of curiosity to continue to explore ourselves and our methods of self-expression.

express your feeling
express your feeling

Until finally we can find peace to express our own artistic perceptions, with the methods we find in the process. With this peace, we can open ourselves and dare to show our unique colors to the world.

Those who are initially doubtful and unsure of themselves are encouraged to start something different until they find their own unique characteristics. Full of confidence and confidence to do something different, inspiring others to look for what they really want to do.


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