Garasi Opa

Unless you are not one of those local tourists who like to roam Bandung on weekends, you know what’s appealing from this city. It’s shopping heaven. It’s where you can indulge your tastebud with its street food. It’s everything that you can imagine from a nice city. Speaking of which, some time ago we stumbled upon Garasi Opa located at Hegarmanah.

It’s a concept store with all things vintage inside. But if you think they sell old telephone from your grandma’s house, you’re wrong. The old stuff they sell is carefully selected,  only those that have particular value and aesthetic. That stuff may be secondhand ones but let us tell you, they are worth every penny as they can adorn your home very well or simply be a nice additional collection on your vintage stuff’s shelf.

As soon as we got there, we were faced with various old stuff such as vinyl CDs, vintage glasses. the big ones that made you look dope back then, cameras, books, and home décor.

Garasi Opa also made a perfect space to chill with a company and cold beverages. We had coffee and thai tea as we admired the awesome stuff that Garasi Opa could offer. Crave for some food? Shopping while having green fried rice is a great idea to spend your time here.

If you have a whole day, you don’t want to miss visiting Kineruku, a mini library located right next to Garasi Opa that surely offers stacks of books, music, and movies.

The sun finally set. Glasses were empty. And it was truly nice to spend our afternoon there. We didn’t expect Bandung, the city that had been trying to up its appeal with skyscrapers and urban lifestyle, to have a unique place like Garasi Opa. Now you see why Bandung is known as a creative town.

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