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MATOA Factory Visit is a visit program from activists and local creative industry players to our workshops located in Bandung. During their visit, they will participate in a series of MATOA watch production activities, from wood chips to the finishing stage. They will also have the experience of making MATOA watches with their own hands. The following is the complete story and experience of the MATOA Factory Visit participants!

Gita Savitri Devi (@gitasav)

“This afternoon I visited MATOA’s office to meet the people behind the wooden watch, as well as trying to put all parts of the clock on. For items with a small size, it turns out that the level of craftsmanship is very high from the beginning of the concept process, design, all kinds of details, to execution. For consumers like me, things that I thought were trivial had already been thought of one by one. One thing I notice every time these people tell about MATOA, I can see the passion in their eyes. Just talking about a timepiece I can feel their enthusiasm. There is a really big effort, which is poured into one creation and that effort does not only come from one person but the whole team. I was also told about the process when MATOA was founded. From those who only have two craftsmen, until now there are about 50 people. Uniquely, they all come from the same village in Ciwidey. Honestly, I salute MATOA who employs local craftsmen because I know that many Indonesians are skilled and need to be given the opportunity to work. Hopefully more and more local brands can compete with foreign brands!

Gita Savitri Devi
Content Creator.

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