Hello Europe !

MATOA Indonesia’s aspiration to enter the global market and be recognized internationally is not just a dream. After we successfully entered the Asian market and sold MATOA products in several countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, and Japan. At the end of 2015, we made our debut to enter the European market. Previously, we also had the honor of being covered by two major international media, namely TelegraphUK and Reuters, who raised the issue of how we turn wood waste into authentic Indonesian wooden watches. This is certainly a matter of pride if our creativity and work are recognized by the world.

The existence of MATOA Indonesia in Europe is certainly inseparable from our collaboration with Mojo Jaya, which is one of our stockiest based in Germany. Mojo Jaya itself is a shop that specializes in selling Indonesian products and is the official distributor for MATOA throughout Europe. Now Mojo Jaya is preparing a website for online sales of MATOA products specifically for the European region, you can also follow Mojo Jaya’s Instagram account at @matoa_europe.

To this day we have received a positive response and appreciation in the European market, this is because MATOA watches have their own character and uniqueness, and are made with handmade techniques. Moreover, most of the European community appreciates and appreciates handmade products, not only in terms of prices and raw materials but also the Indonesian cultural values ​​that are included in MATOA products.

Hopefully, MATOA in Europe admits it can be a driving force for us to continue to explore the innovations and creativity that we have, in order to always make quality products for you. And of course, in the future, we want to expand our target market not only in Europe but also worldwide, as proof that Indonesia’s creative industry is able to compete on an international scale.

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