Hong Kong Behind the Skyscrapers

Not long ago, our Product Designer, Imaduddin Abdurrahman, or who is familiarly called Duddin, left his footprints in Hong Kong. However, it seemed that it wasn’t just a trace he had left. Duddin also keeps a lot of memories in a place that he considers special. For most people, Hong Kong is a culinary and shopping paradise and a bustling cultural center. Maybe the skyscrapers hypnotized them. However, it is different in Duddin’s eyes, who is sensitive to designs and details. According to him, this city offers more than that.

The first is Kowloon Walled City. This place was once touted as the most densely populated place in the world. It is difficult for Duddin to imagine how some 35,000 people could live on a 2.7-hectare plot and call this area home. The residents here are willing to live cramped in several blocks of flats and do their daily activities in the midst of interconnected buildings, without any contribution from the architect. In March 1994, the last population assembly finally accepted the government’s decision to demolish their residence and reconstruct it into a park. Now, the park offers a natural panoramic view of what was once a place where the dark side of humanity once flourished.

Continue to the brighter side of Hong Kong, which is the center of creativity. Amidst the hustle and bustle of this city, there are a number of creative industries in Hong Kong to showcase quality products, which are named PMQ. From fashion, furniture, stationery, to children’s clothing and kitchen utensils, everything can be found here. In fact, there are many strange and unique items that have succeeded in making Duddin wonder, Who is the brain behind the manufacture of this item? How did they come up with the idea ?.

What’s more, there is also The Qube, a large room that connects the two buildings and a glass-covered courtyard surrounded by five restaurants. One of the floors is reserved specifically for the communal lounge and meeting area, plus several commercial spaces on the lower floors. Called the home of 100 creative businesses, according to Duddin PMQ is a kind of surprise in a box where he can find tons of inspiration for his next works. It doesn’t stop there, several events and workshops are also often held at PMQ as a token of appreciation for the work of local designers. For Duddin, this place represented Hong Kong itself, with a character that he himself could not illustrate on his canvas.

For 10 days, Hong Kong has somehow introduced and revealed what the city is about to Duddin, a city that has a dynamic diversity of cultures besides its reputation as the best city lights panorama in the world, and one day, he will return to Hong Kong to explore even more.

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