How It’s Made

We are a group of creative industry players, we always maintain quality in every process of making MATOA products, from the concept of product design drawings to packaging.

It all starts with selecting the material, either it’s ebony or maple. Those are chosen as both have simple yet modern design as well as limited quantity, creating exclusive and elegant image to your character.

We always value what nature has given to us. We therefore consider our impact on the planet in the way our products are made and how people make use of them. And as our gratitude to mother nature, we have a tree-planting initiative.

As creative doers, we enjoy each challenge in creating different products and minimizing any possible negative impacts that come in our way at the same time for the process is constantly evolving as we embrace advanced technology and fresh materials every now and then.

Unexpected things made out of unimaginable method. Here at our workshop is where skilful craftsmen create all MATOA timepieces flawlessly. We assure you that we never use any toxic or chemical components in our products. Only sustainably natural material are used. That’s why our timepieces always withstand under any circumstances. Plus we always focus on providing the best service for our costumers and we love hearing their thoughts.

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