Interpret 24 Hours with MATOA Tomia

Wangi-Wangi, Kaledupa, Tomia, and Binongko. 4 large islands in the Southeast Sulawesi region that form the Wakatobi cluster. It is undeniable that each island has its own beauty, and Tomia is no exception. Its name may be rarely known but the island has attracted a lot of attention from those looking for serenity.

Time seems to spin so slowly while on this island. Its underwater exoticism provides a tiring peace, making anyone who stops here feel at home for long. At the end of the day visible from the mainland of Tomia, the sun returns to the heart of the ocean, signaling the end of the day. However, it does not leave the fact that the sun will rise the next day, indicating that we are still gifted with time to start a new day.

Each individual has the same portion of time, 24 hours. What makes the difference is how one takes advantage of each hour that passes. A timepiece has become a symbol of the passage of time. Without realizing it, the clockwise motion fully rotates twice, indicating how limited time we have.

To respect time, MATOA created something different. Because 24 hours is not just a number to waste. But to be used as it should. For this reason, we present MATOA Tomia, a timepiece that has only 1 hand on the dial, without presenting the minute or second hands.

When 24 hours is only a number, MATOA presents the implied meaning of every hour we have. Behind the woodwork, MATOA Tomia holds the philosophy that with a relaxed lifestyle we can value time better and use it wisely, to enjoy every process and moment that takes place in life.

In Makassar ebony, which is carved into a new form, the meaning of 24 hours can now be seen from a different perspective. The number 24 will never change, all that needs to be changed is everyone’s perspective on spending time. The hours passed, MATOA Tomia will always hint that we don’t have to rush to create time.

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