Know Your Wooden Watch

One can tell time on his smartphone anytime he wishes. But when you put on a wooden watch on your wrist, your world is about to change. Because it?s more than a timepiece nor is it a mere accessory and a fashion statement to your appearance. It is, in fact, an investment, especially if it is handcrafted.

However, some people are still confaxused oftentimes when it comes to picking out the right wooden watch. Is it worth every penny? Will it add a touch of their personality to their outfit? Here we will give you a liitle yet important information on how to tell a high quality wooden watch.

Made of High Quality Wood

Best-quality wooden watches are certainly made of strong wood and is excellent in resilience. So when it is produced into a watch, it won?t be easily broken and will produce smooth texture which makes it comfortable to wear. Be sure you know what type of wood used in the wooden watch you are going to buy.

Has An Elegant and Exclusive Look

Proportional display on wooden watches becomes important so that the watches don?t have only excellent quality on the inside but also on the outside. These kinds of wooden watches will be appealing to stare at and give confidence for anyone who wears it.

Strong and Durable

Every now and then people question about the quality and durability of wooden watches. Say, if the wooden watch is water-resistant or which types of machines used to craft them. Basically, the durability itself depends on the engines and components used. A proper process of making high quality wooden watches involves only selected components. So don?t be surprised if the price offered is quite expensive because it is comparable to the quality you will get.

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