How to Know the Quality of a Wooden Watch?

You may be able to see the time at any time on your cell phone, but did you know if a wooden watch was more than a timepiece. When you have a wooden watch, it is not only an accessory and a fashion statement for your appearance but also an investment, especially if the wooden watch is handmade.

But some people often still feel confused when they want to buy a wooden watch, therefore we will provide a little information for you to know what a quality wooden watch looks like.

Made from Selected Wood
Quality wooden watches are of course made of selected wood which has strong characteristics and good enough resistance so that when processed the wood is not easily broken and produces a smooth texture, and is comfortable when worn later. So, make sure you know what type of wood is used in the wooden watch you are going to buy.

Elegant and Exclusive Look
The proportional appearance of a wooden watch is an important thing, so a wooden watch not only has quality on the inside but also on the outside. Wooden watches that have an elegant and exclusive appearance are not only pleasing to the eye but also give the wearer a sense of confidence and prestige.

Has Endurance
Often people have questions about the durability quality of wooden watches. For example, are wooden watches resistant to termites? Or what kind of machine was used? Basically, the durability depends on the engine and the components used. However, quality wooden watches are certainly not arbitrary in choosing.

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