Konnichiwa, Japan!

When it comes to Japan, it seems endless. This country is not only advanced in technology, but its fashion industry is also growing rapidly and has become a barometer of world fashion. Seeing this, MATOA Indonesia is expanding its market in this Sakura country after successfully expanding to Malaysia, Singapore, China, America, and Europe.

Japan itself is known for its cultural thickness that likes and appreciates handmade / craftsmanship products made of wood, not only in terms of material but also of the manufacturing process and value that lies in these products. Moreover, Japanese people are very concerned about the details of the process of making a product. So it would be appropriate if MATOA Indonesia included Japan as one of its markets in the Asian continent.

With the presence of MATOA stockiest in Japan, of course, this will introduce MATOA to the world even more widely, as well as make it easier for Japanese people to order MATOA products through www.MATOA-japan.com / www.amazon.co.jp / http:// store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/chandoru/MATOA-alor.html. You can also follow their social media accounts on Facebook: MATOA Japan and Instagram and Twitter: @matoajapan

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