Matoa at Java Jazz

For those of you who are music lovers, especially the jazz genre, of course, the Java Jazz Festival event is already familiar to your ears, this international jazz event belonging to the Java Festival Production promoter was held for the twelfth time on March 4, 5 and 6, similar to last year’s event, same like the previous year, Java Jazz again chose the Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran, as the venue for its event. With the theme Exploring Indonesia in this year’s event, Java Jazz invites MATOA Indonesia to collaborate to become an official merchandise partner.

Of course, we don’t just miss this collaboration opportunity, especially since the Java Jazz event is a music festival that has international standards and no doubt about its quality. On the other hand, the essence of the theme raised is also very compatible with the character of MATOA, which is to both promote the beauty and richness of Indonesian culture in work. This is our first time collaborating and becoming the official Java Jazz merchandise, and in this collaboration, we distributed 20 MATOA watches to guest stars both from Indonesia and internationally, we also made special engravings on the twenty products that read ‘MATOA x Java Jazz’.

Two of the international guest stars who received MATOA products are Charlie Lim, a singer and music producer from Singapore who is synonymous with his music and voice which has an acoustic melancholy, post-rock, and electronic pop nuance. In addition, Wotjek Pilishowski is a musician from Poland whose quality of bass playing and musicality is no longer in doubt.

In the future, of course, we want to collaborate not only with jazz festivals but also various other music festivals. Because we believe music and fashion are universal languages ​​that are effective in conveying messages, including transferring cultural messages and promoting tourism and the creativity of Indonesians to the world.

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