Matoa at Little Bandung Seoul

The presence of Little Bandung is proof that the creative energy of the city of Bandung is not only recognized nationally but also internationally. Little Bandung is one of the Bandung City Government programs initiated by the Mayor of Bandung, Ridwan Kamil, by creating a place in several countries that aims to promote tourism and sell Bandung’s superior products abroad. In this place, there will be a café, restaurant, art gallery, and store that sells local products created by the creativity of Bandung residents. In the future, Little Bandung is also expected to become a bridge for local products to be presented in major cities of the world, as well as an iconic brand that introduces creativity and original Bandung products. Moreover, the city of Bandung has just been named the World Creative City by UNESCO.

MATOA Indonesia was chosen to be one of the products that can be found at the Little Bandung store in the Hongdae, South Korea area. After previously, MATOA was designated as the Top 20 SME Products by the City Government of Bandung. MATOA’s participation in this program certainly adds another Asian country to MATOA Indonesia’s market.

MATOA products can be found not only in Little Bandung in South Korea, but also in several countries in Asia, Europe, and America. The existence of Little Bandung, of course, besides making MATOA’s market even wider, also motivates MATOA to continue to prioritize creative innovation and unique designs in making works, as proof that original Bandung products deserve to be promoted to world-class.

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