Matoa for Wonderful Indonesia

After five years MATOA Indonesia has existed as a pioneer of wooden watches in Indonesia, now MATOA is supported by the government through the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism by involving MATOA as part of Indonesian tourism branding, and choosing our product as one of the official merchandise to be used as a promotional tool for Indonesia and state event souvenirs.

The MATOA watch was chosen as the official merchandise because it felt that MATOA products represented the uniqueness and beauty of Indonesia. Therefore, specifically on this occasion we included a ‘Wonderful Indonesia’ logo on each product and packaging this special edition. This is certainly an honor for us to be able to contribute further in introducing Indonesian culture and creativity to the eyes of the world, especially since not all local products get this opportunity.

The ‘Wonderful Indonesia’ campaign is a country branding for Indonesia to the world, which all Indonesians should have promoted. Therefore, in the future, we decide to include this logo on every package of our products. This moment is certainly a trigger for us to inspire more people through our products and movements. Long live Indonesia!

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