MATOA Goes to Oxford Economic Forum

In fact, MATOA’s steps are not only monitored domestically but also by the world. Recently, MATOA was given the opportunity to become a resource person for the Oxford Economic journal. Oxford Economics is a commercial venture with the University of Oxford to provide forecasts and shapes of the economy to developing UK companies and financial institutions overseas. This interview discusses the journey of Lucky Danna Aria as CEO of MATOA and how to develop the business which eventually succeeded in reaching international customers.

In the interview, he explained the details of his journey to becoming an entrepreneur. Starting from seven years ago, he, who just graduated from high school, worked for a cake company in Bandung. At that time his monthly salary was around one million rupiahs and he received additional wages during Hari Raya (Ramadan). The difficulty in fulfilling the necessities of life made him think that something had to be changed. Many people say that starting their own company is a risky decision, so they advise against leaving their permanent jobs. But he remained adamant and chose to take risks for change.

After doing a lot of research, he saw that there was a gap in creating a custom watch. He started by finding out what consumers like, what they need before finally designing a product. The initial capital was obtained from family and friends. This was done because he did not have any collateral so he did not get a loan from the bank. His first watch was sold at a local fair in 2011, and finally, he has pioneered MATOA to this day.

Over time and technological advances, the name MATOA began to be recognized by the broad market to foreign countries. MATOA watches, which were initially distributed around 3,500 units, eventually increased by 160% from 2015 to 2016.

“If you want to keep your business, make sure you don’t make products and sell them to the market without first considering the question ‘Why?’. Start with the question to yourself, ‘Why do consumers want to buy my product?’ If you don’t have one. good answer, you probably will not succeed, “he ordered.

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