Matoa Indonesia Outing

In March we all had the opportunity to do outing to Pangandaran for two days and one night. The purpose of the outing is to strengthen togetherness and get to know each other, because all MATOA members can meet and chat with other members during and outside of work time.

The journey that took quite a long time (6 hours) was enough to make us tired during the trip. However, it was all relieved when we arrived at Baru Karas’ first stop.

The time we spent in Batu Karas was relatively short, because Batu Karas was only a stopover for breakfast and entertainment for a moment to unwind during the trip.

After breakfast, our team relaxes by the river, others kayaking and take a modern boat across the calm river with the bright sun

Arriving in Pangandaran, we were all given free time to rest and clean up before lunch. The seafood that is served is very evocative of the taste buds and the portions are sufficient, no more or less. The rest of the activities we do are located in a Nature Reserve. In the Nature Reserve, there are wild monkeys and deer roaming around, we also have to be careful not to provoke the wild animals

The joint activity that day was closed with a dinner at a beachside hotel.

Opening with greetings and thanks from the CEO, we all enjoyed the evening together with unforgettable laughter and jokes

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