Matoa Indonesia x 40 Days in Europe

An appreciation for MATOA Indonesia if it is always involved in helping introduce Bandung further to the world. This time, MATOA is collaborating with a film project entitled ’40 Days in Europe’. The film tells the story of the struggle of young people in Bandung who go to Europe with the aim of introducing Sundanese culture, especially angklung, to the world.

In the production process, this film created fundraising by cooperating with original Indonesian creative products to fund the film, and MATOA took part in this fundraising by launching the MATOA Sunda article. MATOA Sunda was specially made and present exclusively for the film 40 Days in Europe as partner merchandise and was first sold on the site

Therefore, every MATOA product in this special edition is engraved on the back with the same writing as the film’s title. Part of the sales proceeds from MATOA Sunda became a donation for the film 40 Days in Europe.

The collaboration between MATOA and this film is a form of dedication and contribution of MATOA Indonesia to West Java, especially Bandung, as the MATOA home base was born, as well as an opportunity to participate in supporting local products including Indonesian films to be increasingly recognized. Moreover, the essence of the film 40 Days in Europe is in accordance with the vision that MATOA has, namely that they both want to introduce the creativity and work of Bandung children to the world.

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