Matoa Received the Bandung’s Top 20 Creative Products Award

In 2015, MATOA Indonesia received the honor of being named one of Bandung’s Top 20 Creative Products. This award is a program initiated by the Bandung City Government, especially by the Mayor, Ridwan Kamil, which focuses on training and development in the creative SME sector in the city of Bandung, with the aim of producing 20 categories of superior creative products that will enrich Bandung as a creative city and be actively promoted. all over the world. In the selection and determination of the Bandung City Government in collaboration with CIEL (Center for Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership) from SBM ITB and UKM Clinic from BCCF (Bandung Creative City Forum).

Of course, this award is a matter of pride and proof that MATOA’s hard work is appreciated by the Government and the people of Bandung. The existence of this award also makes MATOA products even more widely known, because Bandung’s Top 20 Creative Products are selected products that will be introduced and promoted by the Mayor to every country visited and present in Little Bandung in several countries around the world as Bandung’s icon of pride.

MATOA was chosen as one of Bandung’s Top 20 Creative Products to motivate MATOA to continue to innovate in developing ideas, products, and services. It is also hoped that in the future MATOA can become a benchmark for original creative products in Bandung, not only in Indonesia but also in the world.

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