MATOA Singo: Duality in Harmony

matoa singo
matoa singo

Last September 4, we had the opportunity to invite fellow journalists and the press to visit MATOA House for a product introduction session and questions and answers regarding MATOA Singo.

This session took place with Yusuf Zulkibri as Creative Director, Taufik M Ridwan as Marketing Director, Brillian Muttaqin, and Yori Arsalya as the Research & Development team.

As a pioneer of wooden watches in Indonesia, MATOA always aims to innovate in creating works/products that inspire and bring benefits to many people.

In our journey of creation, we feel that wooden watches can become valuable fashion accessories in Indonesia without weakening their functions and features.

matoa singo
matoa singo

MATOA Singo answers this vision with a quality that has undergone a significant upgrade compared to its predecessor MATOA watch articles. Through the Lion mythology in Indonesia, we see that there is a duality in the world that must always be harmonious. The updated features and designs on MATOA Singo highlight the harmony of two different materials, namely wood and stainless steel.

In addition, the stainless steel case and water splash-proof wood case on MATOA Singo has water resistance up to 3ATM + which makes it safe to use when doing light activities that come into contact with water (except swimming and diving).

We also take full advantage of the maximum spatial dimensions of the dial, providing details that are exclusive to MATOA Singo.

MATOA Singo raises local content with the concept of cultural acculturation which is poured into its products and stories. Packaged in such a way so that it can still be enjoyed by the younger generation.

We believe that every brand must have the courage to create its own market, by having an identity that is both fluid and authentic. While many brands are following the trend, MATOA is trying to make local content a global trend. Because local content is what makes MATOA have an identity to compete with foreign products. MATOA Singo is the latest work from MATOA which shows that local content can be cool and be accepted by many audiences.

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