MATOA Turns Five

This year MATOA Indonesia is turning five, we have been enlivening and giving a different nuance to the Indonesian fashion industry for five years, especially watches. Of course, an easy journey to reach the age of five, there are also many challenges that we have to face. However, this has always been our trigger and enthusiasm to continue to innovate and succeed to this day.

Although MATOA is only five years old, our position as the pioneer brand of wooden watches in Indonesia is taken into account. This is evidenced by the various awards we have received, as well as our brands which are recognized not only in Indonesia but also in other countries in Asia, Europe, and America. This achievement certainly would not have existed without the hard work of our team, as well as the extraordinary appreciation from our customers, including you, maybe one of them.

So it feels right if this year we make a reference to run faster, starting from continuing to be creative and doing things that have never existed before. In the future, of course, there are still many new innovations that we will continue to present to you. If today we think back to how MATOA first started, and see what we have accomplished to this day, then can we say?

Now MATOA is not only working but also growing with the sky as the limit?

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