After a week of activity, it doesn’t hurt to take the time to relax. There are many ways to pamper yourself, one of which is by consuming ice cream.

Who can refuse this one dessert menu? Yup, ice cream is a menu that is quite popular with all circles. Besides being able to pamper the tongue, ice cream also turns out to raise the mood.

Not long ago, MATOA collaborated with MAGNUM to find different pleasures. The softness of Magnum White Almond will raise your mood to relax for a moment. And behind the delicious almond-sprinkled chocolate, you will find a unique code in the stick. Those of you who are lucky will have the opportunity to win the MATOA Sumba special edition.

The choice of MATOA Sumba is not without reason. Do you know what MATOA Sumba and Magnum White Almond have in common? The answer is: both have pleasures that everyone can have. So enjoy the softness of the ice cream and find the unique code on the stick. Who knows, maybe you’re lucky to get our MATOA!

#CreateYourTime to live a little and #NeverStopPlaying.

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