MATOA X Teddy Adhitya #ConnectingHands

The name Teddy Adhitya may be familiar to listeners of the R&B genre. His name has become known since he created the vocal group BoyzIIBoys with Kunto Aji, Adera, and Beboy which successfully attracted hundreds of thousands of viewers on Youtube in 2010. Teddy managed to get appreciation from his songs so that he won the AMI Award 2017 nomination for Best Newcomer.

Recently, Teddy Adhitya has spread his wings to foreign countries. He made his first show at Music Matters Live 2017 Singapore.

Teddy and MATOA’s passion for adventure is a key part of this collaboration. MATOA became an icon accompanying the ‘Let Me’ singer while in Singapore. With MATOA Tomia and Flores wrapped in Teddy’s hand, we want to bring the philosophy of our watches to the edge of their adventures. MATOA Tomia, who is closely related to respecting time wisely, suits Teddy who really enjoyed his time in Singapore. MATOA Flores with its minimalist look is timeless as the story in the song ‘In Your Wonderland’ about a man who wants to spend the rest of his life with his lover. Meanwhile, MATOA Lore complements the appearance of urban clothing but remains elegant in the style of Teddy Adhitya.

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