Mori tribe as the inspiration for the beautiful MATOA Mori

Behind a cluster of islands in Indonesia, there are hundreds of indigenous tribes that keep their own history and cultural uniqueness. It is not surprising that the world is amazed at what this country has in store besides the beauty of its natural charm. We, as people who stand on this homeland, are very proud of what we have. We symbolize it in each variant of the MATOA watch by giving names that are appointed from various islands and tribes. Like this MATOA Mori.

Mori, a tribe in Central Sulawesi, has inspired us to continue to innovate in MATOA watchmaking through the history and values ​​of local wisdom that is kept by its inhabitants. How they can process the bark into attractive clothing materials as well as their different kinship and residence systems, but each resident is united in upholding their culture, is more than enough to explain why we chose this tribe as the name of our latest collection.

The variety of Mori culture also provides ideas for us to continue to innovate on the MATOA collection designs. Unlike its predecessor, MATOA Mori comes in a compact size and is able to add a more feminine and classic appearance to its owner. In addition, MATOA Mori implies what is to be proud of the wealth of its native tribe.

These things also teach us that every Indonesian citizen should be proud of the variety of wealth we have but still unite to protect it. From here, we apply it in the development of MATOA, which traverses various local cultures to become a common pride in the international face.

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