1% for The Planet

As humans, we all have a responsibility towards the planet that has been our home. But not everyone has the competence and time that is sufficiently free to contribute directly. There are many ways to participate in protecting the environment. One of them is by donating 1% of our income to fund those who go directly to preserve nature and the environment

1% for the planet is a non-profit organization involved in environmental issues. Having a vision of “all together for our planet” to unite in togetherness and work hand in hand to protect our planet,

1% for the planet collects funds and competent human resources to do real work. They connect business people and individuals with non-profit environmental organizations that they have agreed to create partnerships that have a major impact on environmental sustainability.

MATOA also wants to contribute to environmental sustainability. So far, there have always been questions about the sustainability of MATOA because MATOA uses wood as a basis for clocks and glasses. There are still thoughts out there that assume that MATOA disturbs the balance of nature and reduces tree populations. In fact, we use wood waste from the furniture industry to produce our wooden watches.

Apart from using wood waste to produce our products, we realize that there are bigger things out there to protect.

Together, we can save the earth. By buying MATOA, you also contribute to the preservation of our environment. Every 1% of purchases of MATOA products will be donated to planet.com for a better earth.

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