Rural Artisan, Behind The Quality of Matoa Indonesia

Matoa as an ethical local brand

rural artisan

In 2011, MATOA started a journey with 3 rural artisan craftsmen from one village in Ciwidey, West Java.

This village is indeed famous for the expertise of its residents in producing handicraft fruit. Most of the furniture that fills the home of every family is mostly the result of their own creations.

We also invited some craftsmen from Ciwidey to work with MATOA to process wood and transform it into a revolutionary watch.

Along with the development of MATOA in Indonesia as a local brand that creates inspiring wooden watches, the number of rural artisan from Ciwidey who join us is increasing, with a total of 32 craftsmen to this day.

Our journey does not end here. Together with local craftsmen, we will continue to strive in realizing our dream of elevating Indonesian handicrafts to a higher level. The hope of proving the creations of indigenous Indonesian craftsmen to the international realm is our motivation to continue to develop the skills of local craftsmen to present innovative works.

Therefore. We will continue to work with local craftsmen from Ciwidey village and hope that one day we will be able to involve more skilled hands from various villages in Indonesia.

rural artisan

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