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They choose MATOA. And so should you.

Countless time has been created. Many stories have been told. Listen to the journeys of our valued customers on how MATOA keeps them company all the time.

Since the first time I got Matoa, I`m so proud that I`ve been able to use local brands as good as it. In addition, I also love its design which is simple yet fit me in every way. Anyway, Matoa is one of a million watches I love!
- Wina Soraya

The first time I used Matoa, I felt so confident because it`s only when using Matoa who makes everyone curious and ask, "what watch is it?".
- Dhiya Badzlina

For the first time, Matoa is a local brand that I never in doubt for its superiority. In addition, its products are well known for the quality of wood materials and designs that look elegant. Seriously, I never regret using it.
- Irham Yassir Mutaqin

Matoa makes our looks more complete, it`s minimalist yet still elegant so it can be used everyday, for formal or non-formal style.
- Ganjar Gunawan

I think Matoa is the most stylish watch, especially I feel comfort for using it everyday & very suitable for everyone who loves photography.
- Lukmanul Hakim

Matoa, a unique name I`ve ever heard, and the coolest thing of this brand is it uses ""WOOD"" as its basic ingredient which be identical to Indonesia for its forest. A simple story, I tried to buy one of its products and my choice was on ""MATOA Sumba"". After this watch arrived, my expectation turned out to be correct: simple, lightweight, and comfort. The most important of this watch is its uniqueness, typical of Indonesia, and the original product of Indonesia. As a wearer, I`m so proud of this Indonesian product.
- Hikmah Nurzaman

I fell for MATOA’s design and colours the first I saw it! The design is simple yet elegant, plus the colour produced from the wood can go with all kinds of look. Hope MATOA will keep on innovating on the unique, cool and luxury design!
- Anandiani K Noviar

To me, MATOA is a unique watch that can elevate our look. The main material makes this wooden watch feel light and comfortable to wear. It’s so different. Love it!
- Mahar Qoonitah Nasution

From the first time I laid my eyes on MATOA, I was captivated by MATOA Rote for its design and colour from makassar ebony, leaving a unique impression at first glance. I’ve been wearing MATOA Rote almost everyday since the day I bought it.
- Muhammad Yusuf Faturahman

I have 2 MATOA watches, Gili and Rote. I was scrolling through Instagram and found a unique wooden watch. That’s how I was attracted. Once I had one MATOA watch, I felt like getting another one.
- Salman Attamimi

I have fallen for the design and concept since the first time I saw it. When I got one and tried it on, it was as though my wrist was bare - like I didn’t wear a watch at all. It is very comfortable thanks to the soft wood. I hope I can rely on its durability. I also hope that MATOA can be the most excellent local product and I expect to see more conservation movement from MATOA.
- Sarah Z.K.

MATOA is a masterpiece product of Indonesia. The products are super cool, not to mention the design. Incredibly unique! I’ve been following the development from the start to this very second and I must say it’s impressive! Really proud of MATOA!
- Alex Setiawan

I have known MATOA since 2015 and was interested in its uniqueness as well as the essence. There’s a certain style represented by the watch whenever I put it on. From comfort, taste, distinction, confidence to respect and pride for craftsmanship, you name it. MATOA gives them all. Thank you MATOA for being such a good daily companion for me. Keep inspiring!
- Ruben Made Janter Guterres

In the era of digital and smart watch, wearing MATOA makes the wearer feel exclusive like one of those hipsters.
- Gege

Ever since I wore MATOA, I felt better about how I look. I choose MATOA because this watch fully supports my hobby in photography, especially in taking beautiful pictures of nature. In this regard, MATOA with its wooden material blends with the landscape. Beyond everything, it is such a pleasure to wear MATOA, a time teller that is traditionally crafted, internationally loved.
- Alfian Singgih Prasetyo

MATOA for me is Timeless! The perfect timepiece to match any look, occasion and season. I appreciate MATOA for paying attention to the smallest details, tells a lot about a brand and care to deliver the best to their clients. I am in love with MATOA simplicity and modern aspects. I have tried many watches from different brands and by far it is the lightest watch ever!
- Lulwa Yusuf Alsabt