The unique story behind MATOA Kaili

Behind the beauty of Indonesia, there are still cultures that not many people know about. For example, Southeast Sulawesi province has ethnic diversity. One of the tribes in Southeast Sulawesi is the Kaili tribe. Have you ever heard of this tribe’s name?

The Kaili tribe is an ethnic group in Indonesia that has been spread from generation to generation and inhabits most of the province of Central Sulawesi. That said, there are many interesting stories from this tribe, one of which is about the woman. In ancient times, young women from the Kaili tribe lived very limited lives. They were locked up in their house, not allowed to get out of the house without wearing two pieces of cloth. One piece of cloth is tied at the stomach and the other is used to cover the face so that only two eyes are visible. After marriage, they were only allowed to come down from the house without being bound by two sarongs. As time went on, Kaili’s women began to be freed to leave the house. They began to show their creativity, one of which was weaving. Weaving sarongs is an activity of the women there and is used as a typical handicraft for the Kaili tribe.

The beauty of this figure is what inspired us to create MATOA Kaili. This timepiece has a minimalist design and small size that maximizes the user’s feminine style. Even though it has the same design as MATOA Mori, Kaili itself is made from maple wood.

This time, MATOA collaborated with Yura Yunita as the brand ambassador for MATOA Kaili. The figure of Yura who is able to present her own color in the music world is in accordance with the character of MATOA Kaili in displaying her feminine style.

The beauty of Indonesian tribes still attracts our attention today. We are sure that promoting Indonesia’s diversity, can create pride for people who live in Indonesia and abroad.

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