The Myriad Benefits Of Maple Trees For Human Survival


Who among you often fails to focus when watching Korean dramas? Instead of paying attention to the dramatic storyline or the beautiful and handsome cast, you focus on the background of the place in the Korean drama which seems to have a beautiful nuanced environment because it is filled with shady trees with beautiful leaves.

Don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with that! The drakor phenomenon and everything about Korea, which is currently known as the Korean wave, is becoming increasingly popular. Not without reason, there are supporting factors such as the selection of a place setting that describes a beautiful atmosphere, this makes romantic scenes feel even more perfect, right?
The beauty of the scenery, one of which comes from a tree called Maple. The dominance of the orange color that feels so fresh in the eyes, makes anyone want to be there even if it’s just a selfie.

Unfortunately, you can only see maple trees in movies, you know! Curious why like that? Let’s discuss more about this maple tree, let’s go!

1. Maple Wood In Indonesia


It’s no longer a secret, take Indonesia to have vast natural wealth. Moreover, the wealth of its forests, where native Indonesian trees produce many natural resources such as rubber or wood. One of them is the one we will discuss in this article, namely the maple tree.

Maple trees have various types that are spread all over the world, especially countries that have 4 seasons, one of which is in Canada, North America. The country which has the title as the third cleanest country in the world, has a lot of maple trees that spread widely, so one type of tree is named Canadian Maple.

The existence of the maple tree is very meaningful to Canadians, because in addition to the sugar maple tree, which is the oldest tree that is more than 500 years old, the shape of the leaves on the tree is used as a symbol for the Canadian flag.

Maple not only consists of a single species, but consists of 125 species spread throughout the world, including Asia, America, Europe, and Africa. Acer saccharum species is a type of maple that lives in North America, while Acer laurinum is a maple plant that can live in the tropics.

The answer to your question “why are maple trees rarely found in Indonesia?” This is because the maple tree is a type of tree that can only last a long time in habitats with a climate of 0°C and even below 0°C. So it can be concluded, Indonesia as a tropical country, actually does not have the right climate for maple trees.

According to ornamental plant activists, the chance of success in planting maple in Indonesia is only 20 to 50 percent. Therefore, it takes the ability to choose the right types of plants and planting techniques so that they do not fail to grow. This apparently did not dampen their enthusiasm, the plant enthusiasts. Reportedly in several places there have been reports of the success of planting maple trees in Indonesia. However, an intensive cultivation system with various careful methods must be carried out so that maple can thrive in Indonesia.

One of the most widely practiced maple planting methods is the cold stratification method. This system has proven to be suitable for most types of maple, from sugar maple, broadleaf maple, Japanese maple and other maples that are dormant in winter and germinate in warm season. Care is required that is quite intense because if the maple leaves get too much sun, then the leaves tend to burn. On the other hand, if it is in the shade, its growth will be slower.

In addition to the shortcomings of the maple tree in terms of cultivation, it turns out that this tree has many benefits that are very useful and interesting for us to know!

2. Recognize 4 Benefits of Maple Trees

1. Maple Sap Produces Syrup


An Indonesian YouTuber who currently lives in Canada, made a short vlog entitled “The best natural product from North America- HOW TO MAKE MAPLE SYRUP – Collecting maple water”, where he tells about the process of processing maple trees into syrup. . In the approximately 5-minute video, he and his partner are in a forest filled with maple trees.

First, they had to tell which trees were maples and which were not, by observing the presence of a medium-sized can attached to the trunk. The cans are intended to contain sugar water produced from tree sap. Uniquely, you can taste the sugar water directly in the can, but you need to be careful because there are still many wood particles mixed together in it.

Some Canadians who live in rural areas near maple forests, have expertise in producing maple syrup, one of the production sites in the area is called Cabane Sruce.
They collect sugar water from maple sap through a large barrel which will later be filtered and boiled in the traditional way, namely firewood, of course the wood used is maple wood too! After going through the process for approximately 4 hours, maple syrup is ready to be packaged and sold. In addition to its delicious taste, maple syrup is also alleged to have good health benefits.

Are you interested in trying real Canadian maple syrup?

2. Maple Wood For Skateboard


Recently, a subscription-based movie streaming service, Netflix, released a movie called “Skater Girl”. A coming-of-age film that tells the story of the self-confidence, courage and profound impact of a girl from a remote village in Rajasthan, India. The girl named Prerna, when she was bound by traditions and obligations to her parents, there was a foreign tourist who finally made Prerna know skateboarding. The inspirational story is getting stronger in the film, seen when they started making their own skateboards, until finally they succeeded in creating the only skatepark that had never existed in Rajasthan before.

This proves that skateboarding is not just an ordinary game, but has turned into a lifestyle. The new culture created by skateboarding has spread almost all over the world. Currently, both in Indonesia and abroad, skateboard boards that are still used and widely available are boards made of 7 layers of maple wood.

A skateboard made of maple wood, it turns out to be a dream for skateboarders, you know! According to Stevanus Anton (Owner Solitude Skateboards) quoted from the Kompas page, maple wood is a material that can withstand various seasons, and is not too heavy.

Interested in becoming a skateboarder? Here are 5 recommendations for skateboard decks made from maple wood.

  • Powell Golden Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard

This skateboard recommendation is perfect for those of you who are a professional skateboarder. The reason is, this skate board is specially designed with quality materials so that it is comfortable to wear by professional skateboarders. In fact, Steve Caballero, who is a professional skateboarder in the world, recommends this Powell Golden skateboard.

If you are learning to be a professional skateboarder, it looks like you must buy this skate board. The reason is, this board is made with quality materials, and is designed quite simply, making it easy to use and learn.

  • Birdhouses Skateboards Walker Monkey Decks

This is one of the best skate products made by Birdhouses. This brand is one of the top skateboard brands based in the United States. Although this skate board is not too wide, you can use this board for skateboarding anywhere: whether on the road, park, or in the swimming pool area.

Besides being made from maple wood, this skate board is also made from other materials that are of professional quality and class. This makes this board quite durable in its class.

  • Element Section Black 7,75

Element is one of the leading skateboard brands. Element Section itself is one of its flagship products. The deck on this skateboard looks very modern and simple at the same time.

Uniquely, the construction of the deck is made of thick plywood material, which makes it look more alive and more attractive in design, compared to other skate board products. Furthermore, this product is claimed to have better durability than other brands.

  • Moose Set of 5 Blank

If the previous skate board had two color choices, then this board from Moose Skateboards has five color options for you to choose from. Light blue; yellow; white; pink; and light green, are those colors.

The deck on this skate board can help you be more agile in skateboarding. If you are a skateboarder who likes to do various skateboarding tricks, then you should buy this one board.

The reason is, the nose and tail of this board are designed in such a way, so that the wearer can pull out skateboarding tricks to the maximum. The skate board itself is affordable, and can be used by skateboarders of all ages.

  • Baker Brand Logo Deck-8.0 Black/White

This skateboard board from Baker Skateboards has two color options that you can choose from: black and white. This skate board is also suitable, for those of you who like skate boards that are tough on all terrains.

You can make this skateboard product as a gift for your friend or partner who likes skateboarding. The reason is, this skate board is affordable, and has a good shape, even though it looks minimalist.

You can use this skate board in a variety of terrains, even the toughest ones. The reason is, this skate board is very tough and does not break easily, even when used in hard and difficult terrain. These skate boards are suitable for skateboarders of all ages and skill levels, from amateurs to professionals.

Here are 5 recommendations for skateboards made of maple wood that you can choose. Among all that, which board is the right one for you and will you buy it later?

3. As the Main Ingredients for Guitar Music Instruments


Music is one part of art which is an element of culture, you could say it has become a universal human need. Music was created to fulfill the human need for beauty.

Of course, music is sound that is arranged in such a way, so that it contains elements of rhythm, tone, song and harmony, especially from the sound produced from instruments that can produce rhythm.
As you know, there are many types of musical instruments that are easy for us to recognize, such as the guitar.

Is a stringed instrument that may have originated from Spain, brought in the early 16th century, derived from the guitarra latina, a medieval musical instrument with a waisted body with four strings. Early guitars were narrower and deeper than modern guitars, with a less prominent waist. It is closely related to the vihuela, a guitar-shaped instrument played in Spain as a substitute for the lute.

Nowadays, guitars already have various types and functions which of course produce different sounds. One of the reasons that make this difference, is the raw materials used to make guitars.
Maple wood is one type of wood that can actually be used to make a guitar, while several other types of wood can be used, such as mahogany, rosewood, koa wood and spruce wood.

Forget about other types of wood first, because we will discuss more deeply about how maple wood is the main raw material for guitar musical instruments. Indeed, what is the specialty of maple wood so that it can be processed into a guitar?

Maple is a very popular wood used for the neck and fretboard on guitars. This wood is easy to identify because it produces bright tones and has good sustain, explains the Sound Unlimited page. Maple wood itself consists of hard maple and soft maple, both of which are good for making guitar necks and fretboards. Because, maple wood is quite hard, weighs just right and has a good density, says the Udemy Blog page.

Some acoustic guitars that use maple are the Seagull Performer CW Flame Maple QIT, Gibson Acoustic J-45 Flamed Maple, and Ibanez EW20ASENT.


Maple is probably the most common type of wood used to make guitar necks, especially electric guitars, as it is a very strong and durable wood that has little wear and tear due to the environment and weather. It produces a continuous bright tone that deserves a lot of bite. The resulting sound feels fresh and clear. However Maple needs finishing and if given a glossy finish many players find the guitar too sticky to handle. Maple also has the appearance of being so light that it looks dirty after a few months of use. If you are a person who wants a warm and bright tone, you should choose a guitar made of maple wood.

4. Maple Wood Slabs For Home Decoration

Some people may be tempted to use wood as a flooring material in their homes. Even so, having a wooden floor is not as easy as one might think. Careful consideration is needed to choose the right type of wood and how to care for it.

By choosing the right type of wood, it can have a huge effect not only on the look of the room but also on how it is used, and how much homeowners have to take care of over time.

Again, maple is one of the many types of wood that can be used as flooring material, because many business people sell maple sheet wood.

The advantage that maple has as a home decor material is that it has a distinct grain pattern that is finer than many other woods, but is more susceptible than some other woods to insect rot.

3. Maple Wood Prices in Indonesia

Despite being one type of wood that has many uses, this wood is sold at a very economical price. This wood is often used as an alternative for making various kinds of furniture to replace Cherry wood which is more expensive. Not only has an economical price, but has export quality.

The price of maple itself is around Rp. 600,000 with standard sizes such as, 300cm long, 20cm wide and 3.2cm thick.

For information on prices and product specifications, you can do a search on the marketplace!

Talking about the function of the maple tree, it’s endless! Of course, many people in this part of the world use maple trees to be used as human needs, either for consumption or as a fashion product.

For example, MATOA Indonesia. A brand that also participates in enlivening the treasures of woodwork and persistently conducts research to create wooden watches made of maple. In collaboration with local artisans, their skilled hands are able to process maple wood and create new breakthroughs in the world of fashion.

Now there are various types of maple watches from MATOA, including Matoa Rakai, Matoa Way Kambas and Matoa Kumbang.

You can see more of the other collections on the official website

A hidden message that we can take from the discussion above is “Don’t forget to thank nature for providing us with so many things to enjoy, be grateful by taking care of it and using it wisely!”

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