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Singapore, a country that is notoriously small in size, has much more to offer than it seems. The country is one of the economic centers and is a melting pot of both western and eastern cultures. You could say, Singapore is the only country where you can experience Chinese, Malay, and Indian culture in a very clean environment complete with adequate public transportation facilities and international standard star hotels.

It didn’t take long to stop by Singapore for us Indonesians. Only 2 hours away by air from Jakarta or Bandung. It’s no wonder that Indonesians choose Singapore as a short vacation destination. Even for just relaxing on the weekend.

The skyscrapers spoiled our eyes as soon as we set foot there. Despite the scorching hot sun, this didn’t stop us from exploring every corner of Singapore. But priority remains a priority. We have the main reason why we visit this country (apart from holidays of course), namely I Light Marina Bay.

I Light Marina Bay is a creative festival showcasing lamp creations at Marina Bay where visitors can witness the creative use of lights by various artists while spending time at the bazaar. If you had time there, you might have seen the MATOA booth among the other tenants. Being part of the festival is one of the great experiences for us to participate in an international event. Of course in Indonesia, there are also many creative festivals made by local children and we also had time to join them. But it doesn’t hurt if we try new things. Especially in Singapore.

Therefore, we also take our marketing target to a wider area: Singaporean, after previously moving to Europe. We are lucky when we meet Naiise, a shop that carries a selection of selected local and foreign brands that offers a variety of furniture to stationery made by both Singaporean and international designers. Naiise’s goal is in line with the MATOA concept from the very beginning: to support local products so that everyone will be recognized and proud. We believe it was the right decision to bring our MATOA timekeeper collection to Naiise for the creative world in Singapore.

Maybe you can guess what is on the next itinerary. Shopping of course. Especially considering that Singapore is a shopaholic’s paradise where you can find whatever you want. Even though there are luxury goods and even Asian antiques, anyone can satisfy their shopping desires here.

The place that describes the above is Haji Lane. This place is a hidden area for hipsters to hang out in cafes or just stroll through the pretty boutiques and bars at night.

Creative actors like us who are always on the hunt for unique items certainly don’t want to miss exploring Arab Street, which along the streets is decorated with specialty shops that cannot be found anywhere but here. As if these shops and cafes weren’t hipsters enough, the streets of Haji Lane itself are adorned by shop-houses with colors like candy and murals on each wall which are perfect for adding to your Instagram photo collection.

After shopping and being a day hipster, we must admit that if we still wanted to linger there, we decided to visit St Andrew’s Cathedral. Whoever the visitors may not be able to avoid the splendor of this one church. Amidst the bustle of Singapore’s tall buildings, is tucked into the St Andrew’s Cathedral which shows the cultural and historical significance that is stored in this small island nation. The dominance of white in the interior design contrasts with the dark wood color of the church pews when sunlight peeks through the mosaic windows, making anyone who sees it want to linger in it.

It’s no wonder why Singapore has become the closest favorite holiday destination for Indonesians. The magnificent buildings under the twilight skyline, the diverse cultures, the streets, and cleanliness in every corner managed to steal the hearts of all tourists from various countries so that they want to come back even if only in a short time.

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