The secrets behind Moyo

Only a handful of people know what Moyo is. And not many people know what this island is keeping a secret from the eyes of the world. Of the many islands in the country, this small island, which is located in the central part of Indonesia, actually holds a million beauties.

The turquoise sea water that adorns the stretch of white sand, clear waterfalls, and beautiful forest areas are the reasons why local residents survive in this paradise on earth and choose to continue to protect it. Maybe this elegance sounds classic for a country known for its thousands of islands, but this is what inspired us to create a timeless MATOA Moyo clock design.

Not only does it carry a classic design, but MATOA Moyo also uses Canadian maple wood which makes this timekeeper even more distinctive for its elegant impression. Created from the finest handmade techniques, MATOA Moyo is the perfect wooden watch to complement your casual and simple look.

It is an honor for us to raise the beauty and richness of the Indonesian island as one of our works. We also believe that MATOA Moyo and the values ​​implied in it will inspire Indonesians to continue to love the archipelago, down to every smallest island.

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