The Story Behind MATOA Sunda

We certainly agree that Indonesia inherits many cultures from Sabang to Merauke which cannot be denied. The richness and beauty of Indonesian culture have also inspired us in making MATOA watches to this day, starting from the selection of brand names, the wood materials used, and the essence, and values ​​of Indonesian culture that are always tucked into every MATOA product. Including when we made the newest series product, MATOA Sunda.

Unlike the previous MATOA products which always raised the names of islands in eastern Indonesia, MATOA Sunda was created, because it was inspired by the beauty of Sundanese nature and culture. This product is presented as our dedication and gratitude to Sundanese land, especially West Java, as MATOA’s home base. Through Sundanese MATOA we want to maintain the philosophical values ​​of Sundanese culture because culture is born to lead us to understand how to behave wisely towards others, the environment, and the homeland.

Sundanese culture has meaning and teaches us to always be kind to treat nature, because conscientiously every living being, however small, always needs a balanced, harmonious and harmonious life order. Therefore, in the process of making every MATOA watch, we never cut trees but most of the material used is wood waste, we also plant trees every year as a form of our gratitude to nature. By using maple wood as the main material, MATOA Sunda has a simple and minimalist design that interprets the simplicity and humility of the Sundanese people.

And some time ago we officially released MATOA Sunda in Kampung Naga, a Sundanese traditional village whose inhabitants are still very strong in the traditions of their ancestors. Behind its natural beauty, Kampung Naga has a lot of local wisdom that is still preserved to this day, and the simplicity of its people reminds us to think deeper about the meaning of life. Of course it feels proud when we can raise our own culture in our work, because after all we are part of our own culture.

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